Take your style profile anywhere you shop online.

Don't get overwhelmed shopping for clothes online. With one click, projectFIT's FREE digital personal stylist will sort the items in any online clothing store just for you using your style profile. Only shop items that match your size, style, preference, and budget.

How it works

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3


Add projectFIT for free

With two clicks, install the projectFIT app to your browser.


Create your style profile

Take the projectFIT style quiz to create and save your style profile.


Find your fit in seconds

While you shop your favorite online clothing stores, projectFIT will sort the items for ones that match your profile.

Style outside the box

Personal styling shouldn't be limited to expensive box services that charge a styling fee and only give you a handful of options to choose from. It's fun for a while, but you probably miss being able to shop for yourself from your favorite stores with many more options. We get it! But we also know it can still be overwhelming...

We make it so you can shop for yourself using the power of your own fit data. With projectFIT, you won't have to worry about:


  • Trying to figure out if a pair of jeans is going to be too long. 

  • Whether a petite or tall style will fit you better than a standard style.

  • Shopping styles that are out of your price range, that aren't your size, or aren't in stock.

  • Buying 3 of the same item and going through the hassle of returning 2 just so you could try.

We make sense of your fit data and use it to sort your options into a personalized experience at any online store so you can shop confident that what you see will work for you.

And best of all, it's FREE for you to use.

What ProjectFIT members enjoy

Confidence in Your Shopping Cart

Be confident that what you're shopping is perfectly matched to your size, style, and budget. 

Save the Hassle & Return Less

Stop buying multiples of the same item and returning what doesn't work. We crunch the numbers and figure out what matches your fit the best!

A Custom, Curated Shopping Experience

No more sorting through thousands of options that won't work for your unique style. We custom curate your shopping experience.

Shop Like You're Used to Shopping

Shop like you normally shop at your favorite stores but with the power of your own digital personal stylist helping you choose.


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